Personal Intention

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I had a thought that maybe it wouldn’t be that bad to share my personal poems and stories. I have always enjoyed exploring my creativity. I catch myself daydreaming, planning stories, unknowingly weaving poems and pondering lifes big questions most of the time. Yet I am terribly unconfident in my pearls of wisdom and suffer with an inability to maintain enthusiasm when deciding that I will get serious about blogging, to say this is my first attempt at a blog would be a lie. Hopefully this will be my final first attempt. Hopefully I will be more open and present. Hopefully I will enjoy this endeavor. Did you notice there are far too many hopefullys there I go again being non committal. I promise to make it my personal intention to achieve all I hope to. I will try to upload a new post every week. I will keep it simple for now with poems, then when i am in the swing of things I will make it more varied – add more stories and journal type entries. If I am real then may my light shine through.

I have somewhat tried to get this blog looking good I cannot dispute it is in its infancy please bear with while I get my bearings on personalising etc

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