Teetering on The Edge

I dreamt I was dancing alone in the dark floating in the silky scales of solace. I was allowed to be all I could feel free from the time once past and fates to come. He is whistling me a smooth tune a setting song from the dusty moon. Ribbons of sound curling from his [...]


I Fought a Thought

A simple seed of hate planted in me rooted itself firmly in my being watered it with every beat of my heart its gained strength through time no longer a simple seed but a forest. With a canopy so dense with pain little light can get through nothing grows there but dead trees grey crumbling [...]

Reflection Deception

I look in the mirror but I don't see you I see the truth in my disguise sniggering silver fragments of reflection stabbing the pleas of acceptance lifting the veil of hope laughing a sticky cough at my desires screaming “you're a fool, nobody really cares about you, they lie because its funny to watch [...]